Having gained hands on experience in many different styles of dog handling and training after working for a number of years with dogs in what is still an unregulated industry, I can honestly say that I have found that the best results and relationships have come from using force free, positive reinforcement training methods.

I can’t wait to show you the benefits of these methods and to help you to unlock your dog’s full potential!

I am a IMDTB (level 5) certified canine behaviourist and dog trainer, fully accredited with the Institute of Modern Dog trainers – the UK’s leading dog training, education and accreditation body. I am extremely proud to be one of a very few trainers to hold both the IMDTB (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and Behaviour) and the IMDT dog trainer qualifications.

I am a force free, positive (+reinforcement) trainer; kindness led and reward based, committed to using only proven, ethical, science based teaching methods.

I believe that the most rewarding relationships are built through trust and mutual respect.  I can help you to understand the dog you have and explain why they act the way they do.  My ultimate goal is to help you and your dog to be happy together.

I regularly attend courses, seminars and workshops in order to keep my knowledge up to date and have recently completed a one year mentorship with Steve Mann (founder of the IMDT), and Dave Brice (head of behaviour studies at the IMDTB).

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