Accreditations and Courses


The School of Canine Science Courses

  • 30 Days of Canine Science
  • Puppy Lab including. Puppy Development & Socialisation, The 7 day survival Guide, Learning Theory – Behaviourism, 6 week Puppy Course, Nutrition & Behaviour.
  • Scent for Six 
  • Behaviour Bible (currently studying)

Absolute Dogs

  • Absolute Confidence
  • Scent Success
  • Sexier Than A Squirrel 25 Day Challenge
  • Agility Rocks
  • Agility Academy
  • Puppy Pathways
  • Barking, Lunging, Reactivity
  • 21 days to Stress Free Walks
  • Calm
  • Boundary Games
  • Nifty Solutions

Other Courses Attended 

  • Chirag Patel Modern Husbandry and Handling
  • Chirag on the Highstreet
  • Craig Ogilvie Interactive Play
  • Tellington TTouch Interactive Workshop
  • Southern Pet Services 2 day Reactive Dog Course
  • The Dog Training College Scentwork Specialist
  • The Dog Training College Reactivity Specialist
  • Uk Sniffer Dogs: Detection Dog Instructor Course BRONZE
  • Uk Sniffer Dogs: Detection Dog Instructor Course SILVER

(Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) Courses

  • Career as a Dog Trainer Course
  • Practical Instructors Course
  • Assessment Prep
  • 2 Day Membership Assessment
  • Perfect Puppy
  • Canine Body Language
  • Learning Theory Explained
  • Loose Leaders
  • Happy Recallers
  • Impulse Control Seminar
  • The Canine Brain
  • Separation Anxiety and Related Disorders
  • Breed and Predatory Motor Patterns
  • K9 First Aid
  • Preparing Dogs for the Vets
  • Trainers Working Together With Veterinary Teams
  • Crate Rest? Restricted Exercise? How Trainers Can Help
  • Owner Motivation
  • The Exercises: Foundations to Advanced
  • Funk up your Classes
  • Canine Adolescence
  • Service Dogs
  • Behavioural Insights: Herding Breed Dogs
  • Scentsationalise
  • 3 Day, Easy Peasy Puppy Instructor Course
  • 4 Day, Tracking Course with Steve Mann

(Institute of Modern Dog Trainers Behaviour)

  • LEVEL THREE 6 months Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement (OCN)
  • LEVEL FOUR 12 Months Behaviour Consultations and Functions of Behaviour (OCN)
  • LEVEL FIVE 12 Months Analysis and Application (OCN)
  • LEVEL THREE Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour (OCN)
  • The Consultation and Follow up Report
  • Behaviour Case Studies ONE
  • Behaviour Case Studies TWO
  • Dog to Human Aggression
  • Resource Guarding
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Working With Noise and Sensitivity Phobias
  • Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours in Dogs
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